10 . 2 . 8 Momentary Faults

10 . 2 . 8 Momentary Faults

Sometimes faults occur but do not persist for a long time. It becomes really difficult to locate

the origin of such momentary faults.

The operator of the machine needs to keep a close observation to find out at which part of the cycle of control circuit operation the fault occurs. When the part of the cycle at which the

fault occurs is identified, the control circuit pertaining to that portion needs to be checked

thoroughly. If the fault occurs at random during the cycle then those components which are

common for the whole cycle operation should be checked.

Loose connection or a broken conductor inside the insulation can also be the cause of

momentary fault. Sometimes a control component may be malfunctioning. In case of doubt a component can be replaced by a new one. If the machine is new, fault may already exist in the

control circuit due to improper connection. WITH REGARD

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